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The Beatle Framework is a personal project focused on high availability, multi-application, high performance and scalability. Arose from the need for a stable, robust and simple at the same time, which could be easily implemented in large projects framework. I particularly studied some commercial frameworks and concluded that on a large platform, none of them would be feasible for two reasons:

  • Dependence of updates. (you’re tied to a subject who developed the commercial framework XYZ)
  • Excess fat. (Most commercial frameworks are designed to expedite small projects, bringing millions of things you will never use …)

So I decided to study PHP advanced and stay tuned ace new features of PHP 5.x and thus was born The Beatle Framework.

Am one of those guys who love performance! For me, everything can be optimized, improved, exploited to the limit =)

The framework is in the initial stage, it’s “usable” but still requires componentization and hopefully catch some developers to contribute to this open source project.

I hope you enjoy!

Project page: github.com/mslucas/The-Beatle-Framework