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Hey guys!
As I had promised to create a topic about my car engine preparing, I decided to take time out and do it.

Engine: PSA TU3JP
Clutch: Cêramica Displatec
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Pump: Stock (without internal pressure valve)
External Pressure Valve: Stock from Fiat Tempra turbo (the little blue) @3,5bar
Turbocharger: Master Power T2 (cold box .48 / hot box .35 – turbo axis: 33,5 – 47,0 – rotor: 34,9 – 52,2) runing with 0.8bar boost
Intercooler: FMIC (custom-made)
Pressure Pipes: 3 inch stainless
Intake Manifold: Stock (plastic)
Exhaust Manifold: Turbo Anhanguera (Brazilian company)
Exhaust System: 2 inches downpipe + stock pipes + Noise damper
Lube oil: Lubrax 5w30 sintetic
Oil cooler: 1,5 liters + external oil filter
Spark plugs: Denso iridium power IK22
Fuel nozzles: Bosch 0280156086 (modified to 40lb/hr)
Air filter: Simota Extreme (behind the honneycomb grill)
ECU: MegasquirtII V3.0
Wideband Probe: Innovate LC-1 (Bosh LSU4.2 sensor)
Brakes: Stock calipers + pads Ecopads + discs Fremax + fluid Varga dot5
Suspension: Sparco springs + dampers NASA (I don’t recommend the brand NASA Dampers)
Pressure Gauges: AutoGauge Smoke line (turbo, fuel, oil pressure) + Innovate LC-1 Hallmeter kit